How a Project tends to proceed.

The planning stage. We usually find that the projects that proceed the most smoothly are the ones that we are involved in right from the initial design stage. We are happy to provide an estimate based on architect’s concepts or planning application drawings. This estimate invariably changes during the design process. If we can get involved at this initial stage we can advise on cost implications of various options and discuss alternatives if necessary.

Once frame drawings are available we can review them prior to frame manufacture, re-estimate if necessary and advise on the proposed frame design to iron out any difficulties we can see occurring. If you wish to accept our estimate and proceed, we will need to attend site to complete a full survey and provide a final fixed price quotation.

Then, once contracts are signed and we have received a 40% deposit, we can set a proposed start date with you, and order materials accordingly.

123When we get to site

Depending on demand, the orders for IGU’s, joinery, timber and flashings (if required), should take a couple of weeks to fill. We will arrange for timber to be delivered to site to meet us as we start or sometimes just before.

The first day or so, depending on the frame, will be spent planing all external surfaces to be glazed to a tolerance that ensures an even seal for the IGU’s. Special attention is paid to door posts. We will also undertake any patching required, true the frame as plumb as possible and then additionally fix the frame to dwarf walls and existing structures if necessary.

When the frame is within tolerance, we will rebate masonry walls adjoining the frame so we can create a flexible seal between the two using DPM or similar. Next we will start to cut and fit the softwood packer system.

Once the softwood is fitted then the oak cover boards can be cut, rebated and fitted to form the close-fitting weather proof outer envelope. The cover boards are then all stripped off the building and prepared for final assembly.

The installation of glass, although only appearing to occupy a small amount of our time on site, has the most impact on the project. Suddenly a frame starts to acquire the look and feel of your home.

1231If the project is only single story, then the final stage is the pelleting over of all the fixings and then tidying up. When there is another story or lift of glass, then the next operation is the fitting of a flashing break line between ground and first floor elevations. Then as with the ground floor, the fitting of softwood is followed by the oak cover boards, the strip down and glass installation.

Finally, normally after a week or two, our work is completed and we leave you to enjoy your new glazed and framed building.