We do not recommend any particular framing company, however we have listed the ones we have an established relationship with (if we have forgotten anyone we are truly sorry – please give us a call).

From our experience all the different timber framers have different strengths and weaknesses and price is rarely the best indicator when choosing your framer. We would recommend talking to 2 or 3 and finding the one that you are most comfortable working with. Green oak frames are the basis for very special buildings and as such your dreams and visions are crucial, so you need someone you can work with to bring your vision alive.

Green oak timber framing companies.

This is not an exhaustive list of timber framers (for that we would recommend that you go to the Carpenters Fellowship listed below). This is a list of Green Oak Timber Framing Companies that we have worked with on various projects over the years with at least 2 completed projects and an established dialogue with their design office.

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